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Magenic Needle Minder Beach Huts

  • An essential accessory for all stitchers! This cheerful beach huts needle minder attaches to the front of your fabric with one magnet and the other magnet secures behind your fabric. Your needle is then held safely on the top enamel piece and won't go missing.
  • Enjoy a relaxing stitching session with the peace of mind that your needle is secure during breaks from stitching when you need a drink, to change thread colour or take a break. Easily pack your project away for next time with your needle safe and secure.
  • You can also use the needle minder as a badge on clothing or as a standard magnet on your fridge or sewing machine.
  • Never lose a needle again while cross stitching. Imagine taking a quick break and knowing that your needle is safe and secure ready to start stitching again shortly (not lost in the carpet!)

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